Tuesday, 11 May 2010


breif description of the videos we have considered:

Nickleback - Hero

This video is used to promote the film spiderman it does this by changing from shots of the band to clips from the film. The song itself give the feeling of hope, ambition but with an underlying tone of doubt as to wether those tings actually exist.

Lostprophets - Rooftops

This video splits from the band playing on a roof and shots of teenagers going about their lives this song seems to be anti-authority as the teenagers included in the video seem opressed in various forms and are encouraged to take control and stand up to themselves. There is a clear narrative to ths video.

Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends

This video tells the story of a couple who start off very happy and then the man joins the army and they argue but they stay together in between the shots of the couple there are shots of the band playing. This video has a very clear narritive and is there as a protest against the war. It is a very emotional video as is wrote about the singers dad who died.

Theory Of A Deadman - In The Middle

This song does not have an official video but the song allows to be able to put a narrative to it easily. It is a sad song and gives the impression of a choice to be made or somthing has been lost it would be interesting o see an official music video for this song.

Cold Play - The Scientist

This video is different from the rest that i have looked at as the majority of this video is in rewind it starts at the result of what happens and then travels in rewind to what caaused the result all the while singing about "going back to the start" this video is prehaps there to remind people that not everyone gets second chances and has a somber feel to it.

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